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Cyrus A. Jamehdor

"I guarantee effective and aggressive representation for you and your loved ones. My reputation and history of successful litigation spans a decade, focused on civil law".

Mr. Jamehdor began his legal career as a transactional attorney advocating on behalf of corporations and after a number of years he realized that his skill set would be better served advocating on behalf of individuals who were mistreated and wronged. Mr. Jamehdor loves to litigate personal injury cases and employment cases. In addition to representing individuals injured outside of the work place he also represents individuals who have been injured as a result of their work place, in their workers compensation and other employment matters. Mr. Jamehdor loves to fight for the underdog and get them the help they desperately seek.  

Mr. Jamehdor, holds a JD degree from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles as well as a LLM in Taxation from the prestigious New York Law School. Mr. Jamehdor is a member of the California Bar and Consumer Attorney Associate of Los Angeles.

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