What is Personal Injury and Why Do I need an Aggressive Attorney?

When you are involved in an accident such as a car or truck collision, a motorcycle or bike accident, or a slip and fall, it is necessary to seek medical care for your injuries.

We have the skill, experience and staff to provide you with individualized attention, and we fight for an award that compensates you for your injuries and helps repair your emotions.

We offer our services in the surrounding areas of California. We do not take cases for the insurance companies; we take cases for people and put the victim’s interests first. Our sole

focus is on helping you reach your goals and getting you compensated for your injuries. Assistance in a variety of accident-related injuries Accident-related injuries happen in a

variety of ways and cause many types of personal injuries. Because our experience has always been in helping people, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle all aspects of your case.

Common causes of personal injury are:

Car and truck accidents. Negligent or distracted drivers cause injury. Common distractions that cause car and truck accidents are texting while driving or using the phone while driving.

Common instances of negligent operation of a vehicle include driving while intoxicated or too tired. Accidents involving commercial trucks can be particularly catastrophic because of

the sheer size and weight of a large truck. Our staff does an in-depth analysis of the facts of your case and is prepared to seek recovery in a maximum amount to compensate you for your injuries

 Motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries such as broken bones, fractures, burns, brain damage and even death. The medical expenses associated with

these types of serious injuries are often significant. Bicycle and pedestrian accidents. When a car hits a bicyclist or a pedestrian, it can cause severe injuries. Broken bones are not uncommon.

Our office is fully prepared to help you get compensation for injuries that result from a bicycle or pedestrian accident.

Premises liability/slips and falls. A common instance of premises liability is a slip and fall. You can become injured from an improperly maintained driveway or sidewalk, or

from a wet grocery store aisle. When that happens, we seek compensation from the property owner on your behalf.

Dog bites. Everyone loves their pets, but it is the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure their dog does not injure another person. Dog bites are serious injuries and often require

the additional medical treatment of testing for animal-borne diseases, such as rabies. Our office provides representation in this area.

Wrongful death. When a loved one dies because of someone else’s negligence, no amount of money can replace that person. But holding the party responsible for the wrongful

death of a loved one helps provide closure and provides recovery for lost income and funeral costs.

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